Adelaide Departee Dangerfield Ready For Life In The Big Smoke At Moggs Creek


Admitting that the transition from a backwater South Australian town to a modern civilisation wouldn’t be easy, returning Victorian Patrick Dangerfield insists he is adjusting well to the hive of activity that is Moggs Creek.

“It’s a bit overwhelming, there’s almost too much going on here,” Dangerfield said of the town of 300. “Just before I saw a group of young people playing with one of those iPod things. There’s a picnic area and a pub down the road at Airey’s Inlet that is open until 11pm. It’s all pretty surreal.”

Dangerfield said his time at the Adelaide Crows was invaluable, as the subhuman water quality had built up his immune system so much that he can now bend over and drink directly from Moggs Creek whenever he feels thirsty.


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