Amateur Midwife Nathan Buckley Offers To Deliver Pendles’ Baby A Day Early

With skipper Scott Pendlebury at risk of missing Saturday’s clash against GWS due to the arrival of his first-born child, coach Nathan Buckley has stepped in and provided a left-field solution, offering to deliver the baby himself 24 hours prior to the due date.

“How hard can it be, honestly?” asked Buckley, who faces an uphill battle to get Collingwood’s season back on track. “You and Al can come on round to my place, I’ll have Tania run a bath and we’ll have you all home by 11pm, ready to fly to Sydney in the morning.”

Conscious of damaging his coach’s confidence in case he choses to pursue a career in midwifery after football later this year, Pendlebury is yet to officially decline the offer. More to come.