Big Mason Fletcher Smashes Dad’s Benchpress Record On First Day At Club

Draft hopeful Mason “Drainpipes” Fletcher has taken all of 24 hours at Essendon to surpass his father Dustin’s benchpress personal best, making a huge statement in the gym on his very first day at the club.

“Technically the father-son academy guys do their weights training away from the club,” said coach John Worsfold. “But to his credit, Drainpipes wanted to show that he was his own man and wouldn’t be hiding in his old man’s shadow. He just walked right into the gym and took care of business.”

Father Dustin played 400 games for the club over a career spanning 22 years, and is rumoured to have once benchpressed 13 kg during a preseason training camp in the late 90s. According to club sources, Mason eclipsed that with 15 kg on the bar on Friday afternoon, and is now favoured to head up the club’s strength and conditioning program.