Blues Hopeful Leg Injury Will Transform Casboult’s Kicking


The red-hot Blues remain hopeful that a silver lining will emerge from Levi Casboult’s leg injury, with the big forward to spend weeks recovering from a hairline fracture experts say could bring about alterations to his kicking technique.

Casboult went down clutching his leg in the opening minutes of Carlton’s spectacular win over Port Adelaide on Sunday, with coaching staff immediately at a loss as to how they could possibly kick enough behinds to win the match.

But the club’s sports scientist Tom Kempton says it is the type of injury that could force dramatic changes to the way Casboult kicks the football, potentially even calibrating his arms and legs into something resembling a coordinated human body.

“It will take him some time to truly trust that planted left leg again when kicking, and who knows how that will affect the rest of his body?” Kempton said.


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