Bomber Sends The Weapon Around To Clear Out The Bikies

Mark Thompson has enlisted the help of local strongman Dean “The Weapon” Robinson to clear unwanted tenants out of his Port Melbourne property, sending his friend and former colleague around to let them know “who’s running the show.”

Residents and known bikie gang associates Karl “Bang Bang” Holt and Thomas Windsor were forced to flee for the lives, after answering a knock at the door only to find a shirtless Robinson waiting for them, nonchalantly bouncing his pecs up and down in a frightening display of strength.

“You boys best clear out of here,” the strength and conditioning specialist grunted before headbutting a hole in the door, climbing back into his Toyota Hilux and burning off down the street.

“These guys won’t be causing you anymore problems,” Robinson reported back to Thompson, who orchestrated the terrifying power move from Los Angeles where he is currently on the run from the authorities. “Not if they know what’s good for them.”