Bryce Gibbs Accidentally Wears Odd Socks To Training

A drowsy-looking Bryce Gibbs has fallen victim to an inadvertent wardrobe malfunction today, accidentally slipping on mismatching socks before dashing out the door to make his 11am training session at Ikon Park.

“I was getting dressed in a dark room because I didn’t want to wake the missus, and I guess I just grabbed the wrong sock out of the drawer,” a red-faced Gibbs explained to his teammates. “No harm done right guys?”

Gibbs’ ankle-wear raised a few eyebrows at Carlton today, with the midfielder’s botched trade to Adelaide still a sensitive topic among the coaching staff. Tensions were taken up a notch when Gibbs, who maintained his place in the leadership group last week, addressed the playing group after a poor kicking drill and demanded to know if they were giving 100% for the club.

The mood then lightened somewhat when Dennis Armfield decided to weigh in on the state of his teammates’ kicking skills, with players and even club officials seen rolling on the ground in laughter thereafter.