Chinese Gold Coast Fans March In Protest Of David Koch

A sign of solidarity

The Chinese contingent of the Gold Coast’s global fanbase have mobilised in light of David Koch’s controversial comments, declaring that the Port Adelaide chairman has insulted the club’s honor with his offensive dialogue about the club’s traditional colors.

There was huge backlash among the Gold Coast’s Chinese supporter base after Koch issued an ultimatum on Tuesday, advising the club not to wear its red and gold strip in their round eight match in Shanghai or risk being forever banished from playing for premiership points on Chinese soil again.

Unsurprisingly this did no go down well with the local supporter base, who felt obligated to reach out to their brothers across the South China sea with an immediate show of solidarity.

“We are the suns of the Gold Coast sky,” sang the throng of fifth generation Chinese farmers from the Guangyang Province as they marched through the city streets. “We are one in the red, gold and blue.”