Chris Scott Slips Slide On Gold Coast Tourism Into Geelong Post-Season Powerpoint

The Geelong playing group have been caught off guard during a season review Powerpoint presentation, with a slide highlighting the glamour of living in the Gold Coast appearing out of nowhere and coach Chris Scott’s talk taking an unexpected turn.

“Oh would you look at that,” said the Cats coach and self-appointed Gold Coast tourism ambassador. “While we’re here, you’ve got beautiful beaches, sunshine year-round, the Lethal Weapon at Warner Brothers Movie World, who wouldn’t want to live there?. Have a think about it, that’s all I’m saying.”

Geelong are growing more desperate by the day to satisfy a trade with the Gold Coast in exchange for Gary Ablett, with each of its players praying that it won’t be them who becomes the sacrificial lamb.

“Scotty even offered me his penthouse apartment in Broadbeach to live in,” said midfielder Darcy Lang. “But if I wanted to play out my career at a dying club in front of no supporters then I’d just head to North Melbourne.”