Dan Hannebery Finally Cracks And Walks Solemnly Into Recovery Pool Full Of Vodka

Astonished onlookers at a Sydney Swans recovery session could do nothing but watch on last night, as a disconsolate Dan Hannebery broke away from the group mid-conversation and began to slowly submerge himself in a nearby pool, apparently with the intent of drowning himself in triple-distilled Russian vodka.

Hannebery’s custom-made recovery pool has gone unused since the hard nut swore off alcohol after last year’s heartbreaking grand final loss, but his teammates knew something was up when he invited them over following last night’s defeat and promptly whipped off the cover.

“Don’t do it Dan, you’ve come so far,” said teammate Josh Kennedy as a show of support.

The group managed to distract Hannebery for around one hour, recalling stories about his exploits as a young man on the Sydney club scene with Lance Franklin. But the 26-year-old managed to catch them off guard, taking advantage of a break in conversation and slipping into the shallow end of his bespoke, cutting edge recovery bath and purposefully making his way toward the deep end.

Thinking that he was simply after a few solid mouthfuls of high-grade Russian liquor, the group waited until his head was actually submerged before jumping in and retrieving the spluttering midfield star.

He is expected to make a full recovery.