Dangerfield Just On The Waters At Cats’ Mad Monday

Ever the professional, Patrick Dangerfield has repeatedly declined drink offers at Geelong’s Mad Monday celebrations today, alluding to some “unfinished business” with an undisclosed football club across the South Australian border.

Dangerfield was rarely seen without a glass of chilled water in hand as he worked the room, endearing himself to the Geelong playing list with a series of witty remarks about Adelaide’s lack of silverware and the city’s obsession with roundabouts.

Typically, the Geelong players didn’t disappoint with their costumes, with captain Joel Selwood revealing himself as a duck and Billie Smedts going all out and dressing up as an AFL footballer. Dangerfield himself came as a removalist and showed impressive attention to detail, arriving with a truck full to the brim with used furniture.
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