Dockers’ Tanking Plans In Turmoil With Zac Dawson On Report


Fremantle’s season has been thrown into disarray, with a key figure in Ross Lyon’s tanking strategy facing a lengthy stint on the sidelines.

With his clumsy gait and questionable decision making, defender Zac Dawson has been the driving force behind Fremantle’s quest to secure the number one draft pick. But he looks set to play no further part in the season, after mistaking Sydney’s Jake Lloyd for a Pok√©mon and trying to catch him by using a shoulder to obliterate his head.

Lyon berated Dawson in the rooms after the match, wondering openly who he could now rely on to single-handedly turn games in the opposition’s favour. “Bloody hell, if only we landed Travis Cloke all those years ago,” Lyon is reported to have said.