Gillon McLachlan Slips A Few Last-Minute Rule Changes Into AFL Evolution

Players of the long-awaited video game AFL Evolution may be in for a few surprises, AFL boss Gillon McLachlan has warned, after revealing that he paid a visit to Wicked Witch studios this week and convinced the developers to make a few last-minute adjustments.

“If you blokes could make a change to the interpretation of the third man up rule, that would be great,” said McLachlan, who is hellbent on delivering fans of Australia’s national game a truly authentic experience. “Actually while we’re here, let’s just abolish it completely. It was fun for a little while but we’ve been cooking up a new rucking rule that will really blow everyone’s socks off.”

The head-honcho also confirmed that goals will be worth seven points and players of Career Mode will be able to take on the role as AFL CEO, using dodgy backroom deals to build the league up into a multi-billion dollar corporation and fund expansion teams in increasingly unrealistic places.