Gillon Secures Fifth Straight Flag For GWS In AFL Evolution All-Nighter

Football fans all over the country couldn’t wait to get their hands on the hot new title AFL Evolution, but perhaps none more so than AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan, who had been salivating at the thought of playing through career mode with his beloved GWS Giants.

“Are you coming to bed Gil?” sources inside the McLachlan household heard his wife ask at approximately 4am this morning. “Don’t you have work in the morning?”

“Just one more season babe,” the bleary-eyed league boss responded before taking a swig of 7 Up and stuffing a handful of Doritos into his mouth. “We’re on the verge of a dynasty here, and the AFL are about to take some recruiting zones off me so I have take my chance.”

Staff at AFL house today confirmed that McLachlan was a no-show for work, only calling through to reception at midday to say he wouldn’t be in all week. At the time of publication, the 44-year-old had grown so confident in his gaming abilities that he had begun broadcasting from his lounge room on Facebook Live and daring teenage boys to take him on.