Harley Bennell Close To Return To Full Strength Beer

Following a frustrating stint on the sidelines sipping pissweak vodka sodas and mid-strength Carltons, Harley Bennell has been cleared by Fremantle’s medical staff to gradually increase his blood-alcohol content and build towards the consumption of full-strength beer.

Bennell was placed on a modified drinking program during the Christmas period after medicos grew concerned with his ability to meet the club standards set by Colin Sylvia during the 2014 off-season, when the boom recruit managed to party every night of the week and take part in the odd training drill too.

Club sources have revealed that Bennell ticked all the right boxes during the last week, taking part in several drills while intoxicated without it visibly affecting his performance and even shouting his teammates a round of tequila shots at the pub after training.

“He’s taking some big steps in the right direction,” confirmed coach Ross Lyon.