Harley Bennell Flies To Ibiza For Radical Calf Treatment


In an audacious bid to restore the club’s prized recruit to full fitness, Fremantle coach Ross Lyon has reluctantly agreed to send injured midfielder Harley Bennell to Ibiza to undergo an experimental treatment program for his damaged calf.

Demonstrating how much he has matured since crossing from the Gold Coast in the off season, Bennell himself approached coaching staff with a detailed treatment plan for his rehabilitation. The schedule involved 14 days of “natural therapy” on the Mediterranean island, with regular visits to a clinic described only as “Pacha.”

Lyon took a while to come around to the idea, but after consultation with key advisor Zac Dawson agreed that it was the best thing for the player and the team.

“We’ve got to wrap our arms around Harley as a club,” said a supportive Lyon. “Hopefully he responds to the treatment in Ibiza and comes back fit and raring to go.”


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