Harley Bennell Looking Unsurprisingly Lean After Week On German Nightclub Circuit

Fresh off the plane from Germany after traveling to Germany for specialist “calf treatment,” Fremantle midfielder Harley Bennell returned to training this week looking exactly how you would expect a bloke to look after seven days acquainting himself with Eastern Europe’s finest dance music establishments.

“His skin folds are the best we’ve ever seen,” confirmed coach Ross Lyon. “It’s as if he’s gone a week without food and sleep.”

Bennell was firing on all cylinders at training, sprinting between cones at a frenetic pace and was uncharacteristically vocal, even telling a select group of teammates that he loved them.

“Gee I haven’t seen a bloke in such good spirits on the training track since Ben Cousins had a jog with us that time in 07′,” said ruckman Aaron Sandilands.