Hong Kong Threatens Nuclear Retaliation As Gillon Flags AFLX Expansion Into Asia

The government of Hong Kong has acted swiftly and decisively in response to Gillon McLachlan’s plan to bring the experimental AFLX format to Asia, confirming today that it wouldn’t be afraid to flex its military might should the AFL CEO continue with such reckless and provocative geopolitical ambitions.

“Zooper goals and silver footballs are a direct threat to our sovereignty,” said leader Carrie Lam. “Should such blasphemy make its way to our great shores we will not hesitate to rain down fire and fury on your little island home. Australia, you would be well advised to keep your shitty games to yourself.”

McLachlan raised the prospect of holding an AFLX tournament in Hong Kong in November on radio this week, much to the surprise of his host Neil Mitchell, Hong Kong officials and anyone who managed to catch a glimpse of the modified format in February. He is yet to respond to the latest developments.

More to come.