Jake Stringer Way Too Quick To Volunteer For Upcoming School Clinic

A passing mention of an upcoming school clinic by Bombers coach John Worsfold has been met with unexpected enthusiasm from one of the club’s fresh faces, with forward Jake Stringer immediately volunteering to make the trek out to Wangaratta High School in February to lend his expertise to the students of rural Victoria.

“I’ll do it Woosha!” Stringer piped up from the back of the room after overhearing the coach quietly mention it to one of his assistants. “I’ll drive up there myself if I have to, sign me up.”

Stringer’s eagerness raised a few eyebrows from his teammates, particularly those that he elbowed out of the way as he pushed to the front of the room.

“All yours Package,” said Joe Daniher, who has been banned from the township of Wangaratta on account of his offensive moustache.