Jarman Impey Posts 3km Time Trial PB In High Stakes Police Chase


Luring the trailing officers on an exhilarating footrace through the backstreets of suburban Adelaide, Port Adelaide starlet Jarman Impey has inadvertently posted career-best figures for the 3km time trial this morning in a performance that is sure to make selectors sit up and take notice.

Impey found the police on his tail after slamming into 14 parked cars in Adelaide’s CBD. He quickly exited his vehicle and set off on foot, where as an elite athlete he would hold a significant advantage.

He proceeded to expertly evade the police over the course of 3km, while making sure to record his progress with his Apple Watch to later use as evidence of his hard work over the offseason. The police pursued Impey until learning that one of the cars damaged in the earlier incident was that of Power president David Koch, at which point they immediately stopped and officially lodged a nomination for Young Australian of the Year.