JLT Officially Overtakes Player Calendars As Best Way To Show Off Summer Tan

An internal AFL enquiry has confirmed what most astute observers have known for a decade, that there is no better place than the preseason competition for players to show off a gorgeous base tan acquired during the offseason.

“We’ve crunched the numbers and in terms of pure exposure and getting eyeballs on bronzed biceps, there is no bigger stage than the nationally televised AFL preseason competition,” said AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan.

Until today, the AFL’s official stance on the matter was that golden chassis were best showcased through its official player calendars, most notably the Men for All Seasons series that ran up until 2008.

But in welcome news for the likes of Jake Melksham and others who have spent their Christmas periods lathering themselves baby oil, the probe has left little doubt that making a push for selection in the JLT Series is their best chance to show off their gorgeous complexions before they are rendered pale and withering by the harsh Melbourne winter.