Jobe Asks Dyson Heppell To Steal Cotchin’s Brownlow At Captain’s Day

A covert operation to retrieve Jobe Watson’s 2013 Brownlow Medal ended in disappointment on Thursday, with Dyson Heppell uncharacteristically hesitating at the wrong moment and missing a golden opportunity to snatch it from Richmond captain Trent Cotchin at AFL Captain’s Day.

“He was wearing it wasn’t he the prick?” Watson asked Heppell after he returned to the club empty handed.

The plan involved confusing the newly crowned Cotchin by asking him which way the wind was blowing and then subtly lifting the medal from his chest as the twisted and turned his body. Watson had spent his gap year in New York plotting this intricate strategy and was livid when Heppell reported the news of its failure.

“I’m going to have to wait until Dreamtime at the G before I’ll get another opportunity,” he lamented.