Joe Daniher Signs Three-Year Deal To Stay At Essendon And Complete Moustache

The Essendon hierarchy can breathe a sigh of relief, with out-of-contract forward Joe Daniher today agreeing to terms that will see him stay at the club until 2021 and, most likely, finish his long-winded attempt at a moustache in that time.

“We have put a lot of resources into Joey, and we’ve seen a few wispy threads develop into a semi-decent set of whiskers. So to see him running around with a succulent, full-bodied ‘tache in another club’s colours, well that would be hard to take,” said Bombers list manager Adrian Dodoro. “We’re very pleased with the outcome.”

Daniher had drawn interest from rivals with questionable motives who were keen to secure his facial hair, namely the Kangaroos as a way of making Lindsay Thomas’ pathetic new moustache look respectable. But the emerging star says he never seriously entertained any offers.

“I’m going to finish what I started here.”