Lachie Whitfield Airlifted To Manager’s Home After Suffering Sore Throat

Fire rescue helicopter conducting training

The Giants are taking no chances with star midfielder Lachie Whitfield, after the former number one draft pick began to experience symptoms of a sore throat and had to be immediately transferred to the home of the club’s welfare manager for expert medical care.

The 22-year-old was on his way to training and in perfect health, but happened to feel a sudden irritation deep in his esophagus just as he pulled into the carpark alongside an unmarked federal government vehicle. With his wellbeing ahead of the club’s maiden finals campaign the number one priority, Whitfield promptly exited the carpark and speed-dialled the club’s welfare manager, who called in an air ambulance without hesitation.

GWS sources have indicated that a weakened Whitfield is currently holed up in an underground medical facility somewhere below the manager’s house, unable to even contemplate facing the light of day due to his debilitating condition.