Leon Cameron Offered First Pick Of Everything At Gil’s Coaches Dinner

A casual dinner among the AFL’s coaching contingent has turned into a predictably bitter evening, as host Gillon McLachlan treated GWS boss Leon Cameron to a night of fine-dining while his counterparts were made to battle it out for bland and tepid remains.

“Now now boys, wait for Leon to fill his plate,” said Gillon as he had the MCG catering staff bring out the main course. “Here we have the slow-cooked lamb shoulder with sassafras smoked potatoes, I had Niles make it up just the way you like it.”

Cameron was then given free reign over McLachlan’s liquor cabinet, where he quickly swooped on a 1966 Glenlivet Vintage and immediately began drinking from the bottle.

Meanwhile, with the lamb and potatoes exhausted, his fellow coaches were made to fight amongst themselves for a bowl of reheated baked beans accompanied by side of damp lettuce leaves, which they noted was a huge step up on last year’s box of Pizza Shapes.

Following the main course, McLachlan quickly whisked Cameron away to sample his wine collection, with the others were offered an after dinner mint and quickly shown the door.