Luke Hodge Knocks The Top Off His First Frothy At Quarter Time

With Hawthorn’s clash against Port Adelaide all but over at quarter time Luke Hodge has wasted no time getting on with his weekend, with witnesses at the Adelaide Oval reporting the hardened veteran to already be well intoxicated by half-time.

“You’re kidding yourself if you think I’m going to use this terrible Adelaide drinking water for hydration,” the four-time premiership captain said to the Hawthorn trainer while handing him a $20. “Get me a six-pack of those West Ends would ya?”

After spending most of the second quarter on the bench sipping on the vintage South Australian lager, Hodge’s teammates were made to spend the entire half-time break trying to stop him hopping in the car and driving six-hours back to Melbourne.

“Give me the fucking keys Roughy ya nerd, I never should have handed you the captaincy.”

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