Match Review Officer Refers Andrew Gaff Directly To The Gold Coast

AFL Match Review Officer Michael Christian has acted decisively following Andrew Gaff’s violent off-the-ball encounter with Fremantle’s Andrew Brayshaw, referring the out-of-contract midfielder directly to the Gold Coast Suns for an indefinite amount of time.

Footy fans were shocked by Gaff’s savage left hook to the face of Brayshaw on Sunday, leaving the 18-year-old with a broken jaw, several displaced teeth and an inability to eat solids for four weeks.

The more outraged sections of the AFL community even called for Gaff to never play AFL football again, something that will now become a reality with his forced move to the Sunshine State.

“It’s not something we want to see at the top level of the game, where players are expected to act as role models for kids all over the country,” said Christian. “This won’t be a problem for Andrew anymore.”

More to come.