Nathan Buckley Not Sure He Believes Daniel Wells’ Dog Story

Noting that something just seemed a little off, Nathan Buckley says he’s not quite buying Daniel Wells’ excuse for not being match-ready at the dawn of the AFL season, with the former Kangaroo attributing his poor physical state to an injury suffered while playing with his dog.

“Maybe it’s just because I’ve been burned before, but something tells me that fourteen prolapsed discs, two severely ruptured achilles tendons, poor skinfolds and torn hamstrings weren’t caused by throwing a toy for a dog,” Buckley reasoned. “Sounds fishy to me.”

Wells found himself under fire after turning up to Collingwood in poor physical condition. After copping it all preseason from the staff and seeing firsthand how gullible his senior coach could be, he figured a change of strategy might salvage his image and tried to shift the blame to his pet dog.

“Was worth a shot,” he said. “Can’t blame a bloke for trying.”