North Bring Over Jared Polec And Jasper Pittard Using The Uber Pool Option

Jared Polec and Jasper Pittard have arrived at Arden street following a long and circuitous journey from South Australia, after North Melbourne football staff took it open themselves to make typically frugal travel arrangements for their boom recruits.

“Bunch up boys, you might have company along the way,” North Melbourne football manager Cameron Joyce old the pair over the phone. “We’ve booked you an Uber Pool, looking forward to having you here.”

Made to walk three kilometers through Adelaide to the designated pickup area while carrying all their gear, Polec and Pittard soon piled into the Toyota Yaris with Rafi at the wheel (4.7 stars). Things got rather cramped en route, particularly when Rafi received an alert to make a detour and pickup Shane (2.3 stars) near the border town of Naracoorte.

Other than Shane hogging the aux cable the rest of the way, the 76-hour journey was said to be a pleasant one with plenty of time for the footballers to ponder their new lives at the destitute inner city football club.

“You can’t argue with those prices,” said Joyce afterwards. “Ride-sharing really is the way of the future.”