Pingers Cross The Dreaded $30 Barrier As Bomber Thompson Leaves The State Of Victoria

Street prices for popular party drugs have skyrocketed over the weekend, with sources linking the uptick in value to the departure of one of the state’s prominent sources, who is believed to be making beeline for the west coast of Australia.

“I haven’t paid this much for a pinger since the great drought of 2013,” said one anonymous nightclub-goer, referring to a massive bust that saw tens of thousands of ecstasy tablets confiscated in a raid in South Melbourne.

The figure at the center of the latest upturn is former Essendon and Geelong coach Mark Thompson, who is on bail, facing multiple trafficking charges and not particularly interested in hanging around to see what happens.

“We’re not saying there’s a direct link, but if you consider basic supply and demand economics, it’s hard to see how one of the large providers removing himself from the picture couldn’t have some impact,” explained police chief commissioner Gary Ashworth, who is continuing to monitor the situation.