Relton Roberts Reminds Richmond Who Started It All In Stirring Pre-Match Rev-Up

The Tigers coaching staff have called on Richmond royalty as they prepare for their biggest test in decades, enlisting legend of the 2010 NAB Cup Relton Roberts to deliver a pre-Grand Final address in the middle of the MCG.

“Oi quick word bruz,” said the club Hall-of-Famer as the Tigers playing group gathered around, hanging on his every word. “When the going gets tough today I want you to think back to when I got knocked out cold against Sydney in my second game of AFL, and how that defining moment in Richmond history has head us to this special day.”

“Look at the fella next to you. Fucking look him in the eyes. Think about how when the final siren goes we’re going to return to Punt Road together with a premiership cup full of hamburgers. It’s Tiger time. But it is also Chicken time. And Cow time. And Pig and Lamb time. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got a Grand Final Luncheon to attend.”