Sausages Mumford Begins Fasting Ahead Of Inaugural BLT Challenge

A confused Shane Mumford has revealed that he is raring to go for the upcoming preseason series, which he mistakenly believes to be an American-style eating challenge to determine who can devour the most BLTs.

“I’m wasting away out here,” said a faint looking Mumford, confirming that at least two hours had passed since his last bite to eat. “I know it’s all going to be worth it though. I can’t wait, it’s about time we separated the men from the boys.”

Ever the consummate professional, when told that it was in fact the JLT Community Series and there were matches of football to be played, Mumford quickly switched gears and began his preparations for the match against West Coast on Sunday by driving to the nearest McDonalds and ordering 17 Big Macs.