Sexy Plugger Lands Cover Of Swans Men For All Seasons Calendar

Beating out younger heartthrobs such as Josh Kennedy, Dane Rampe and Lance Franklin, Swans assistant coach Tony Lockett will grace the front cover of Sydney’s 2017 Men For All Seasons calendar, a club spokesperson has today confirmed.

The calendar features a collection of raunchy photos, showcasing the chiselled physiques of Sydney’s elite footballers as they emerge from various bodies of water in minimal clothing.

Josh Kennedy had been favoured to take the honors right up until Lockett’s surprise return to the club earlier this month. His arrival prompted a last-minute emergency photoshoot at Bondi Beach, where thousands of women had congregated after news of the silver fox’s appearance spread through the region like wildfire.

Their salivating would be short-lived, however, with the modern-day Adonis obviously nailing the shoot within minutes and then promptly choosing a select group of females to join him on his luxury yacht, where he spent the rest of the afternoon sipping French champagne, nibbling on fine Blue Valley cheeses and engaging in wild orgies.