Stewart Dew Closing In On Local Souvlaki Merchant For Suns Back-Of-Jumper Sponsor

New Gold Coast coach Stewart Dew is making an immediate impact since moving north from Sydney, reportedly closing in on a multi-thousand dollar deal that will see the valuable real estate on the back of the club’s guernsey adorned with the name of a local business.

“It’s common knowledge that our marketing department is pretty much useless, so I’ve taken matters into my own hands,” explained Dew. “That means sampling products from local businesses to ensure their goods align with out brand strategy, and let me tell you, Frank’s Souvlakis on Cavill Avenue, they’re ticking all the right boxes.”

The Suns went without a major back-of-jumper sponsor for the 2017 season, as officials focused on more pressing tasks like keeping count of all the money the AFL was pumping into club coffers. But Dew means business, having taking it upon himself to boost the professionalism of the club and find the area’s premier purveyor of charcoal-grilled goods.

“I’ve done all the leg work for this deal,” he said. “Tried them all, that’s how serious I am. Frank’s has been great to me since I moved up here.”