Toby Greene Commits To Six-Year Deal With Customary Spit Shake

In a major coup for Greater Western Sydney, star forward Toby Greene has agreed to terms for a multi-million-dollar deal, formalising the agreement with coach Leon Cameron this morning by way of a good old fashioned spit shake.

“Honestly Toby, it’s not necessary,” said a startled Cameron. “Just go see “Cruise” (list manager Adrian Caruso) and sign the contract, he’ll have a pen there for you.”

Greene was eager to push ahead with the handshake, despited his coach’s resistance.

“Come on Leon, it’s just a bit of saliva, it’s completely natural,” he told his increasingly uncomfortable coach. “Let’s get this deal done.”

Sources suggest that, eager to secure his star’s commitment, Cameron did eventually crumble and seized Greene’s damp palm, locking in his services for a further six years before quickly rushing off to find the nearest wash basin.

The deal is believed to be worth six million dollars before tax and club-imposed fines.