Tom Liberatore: Premiership Hangover? I’ve Been Playing Hungover For Seven Years

Bulldogs star Tom Liberatore has brushed off suggestions that he is suffering from a so-called premiership hangover, pointing to a history of consistent performances under severe physical duress as proof of his ability to put such things to one side.

“I can’t speak for the other boys, but every time I turned up to the ground in 2012 I came straight from the casino and was near-comatose,” the midfielder revealed. “You think a few celebratory beers in Vietnam after a premiership is going to affect my game six months later? Please.”

The tough onballer did confirm that several younger teammates had approached him for advice, looking to take some lessons from his experience pushing through games with a lethal concentration of alcohol coursing through his veins.

“Are you blokes for real?” Liberatore reportedly responded. “You win a flag and completely go to water. Talk to me when you’re 23 beers under at midday on gameday and you get a call from Bevo asking for your whereabouts. This flag stuff is a walk in the park.”